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A collection of mesh textured bar and knob handles with a distinctive, industrial feel that is well suited to a modern setting. With varying sizes up to 500mm in length, which are perfect to make a statement on tall units, you can mix and match to add a little more intrigue and variation to your design.

This range can be personalised with a matching backplate, with the option of a circular, rectangle or offset plates for knobs and t-bars, and circular, square, or rectangle plates for bar handles. Similarly, each can be fitted without the backplate for a more simplistic look.

Knurled texture handle collection
Range of black handles with knobs, bars, cups and profiles


Black accents are a growing trend in the market at the moment, and our collection features matte, satin, chrome, steel, nickel and industrial finishes so you can be sure to find a product that compliments your kitchen design.


Made up of knob, bar, cup and pull handles to suit both modern and classic environments, this collection can be used to create contrast from the door colour or to match dark finishes.

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Our Antique Collection has been collated from ranges of bronze, silver and nickel effects and will add character to any kitchen design with their naturally aged warmth, particularly in a traditional setting.

Each series of handles within this collection has a number of matching products of different styles, shapes and sizes so that you can alternate between them throughout the design, for example by using cup handles on drawers and knob handles on doors.

Antique brass and copper handle collection
Warm and shiny metallics brass and copper handle collection


This collection integrates the muted warmth of brass, with the bright resonance of copper, and the dramatic elegance of gold.

Particularly complimentary of the darker grey, green and blue settings, to add a contrast of warm tones against a cooler background, truly a statement accessory in any kitchen, traditional or contemporary alike.

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Looking for something specific?

In addition to these carefully selected collections that represent common design ideals, we have a range of stainless steel, chrome, nickel, pewter, cast iron, and white handles in multiple variations of style, size and shape to make your kitchen design completely unique and showcase your individual personality and style. 


If you are looking for something specific but don't see it here, get in touch as we may just have exactly what you are looking for.

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