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Whether you're looking for something contemporary, or something timeless, Hygge has kitchens to suit each individual style. 

Shaker kitchens are truly timeless with their classic framed door design. Their simple, subtle detailing makes them ideal for both traditional and contemporary settings, and can be modified to enhance either aesthetic depending on the style of your chosen trims and accessories.

Mornington Shaker.jpg
Mornington Shaker.jpg
Slab Indigo_edited.jpg

Slab kitchens are purely minimalist, with a completely flat door and no grooves or detailing. They are available in gloss, matte, and textured finishes and can have either a handle or push mechanism to open the doors if you want an exceptionally immaculate result.

This range is a collection of clean, ultra-modern doors; a broad selection with multiple iterations on the handleless idea, from the ever-popular J-Pull style door, to the totally unique integrated handle doors, to the linear 'true' handleless door.

Carbon Porter Handelelss.jpg

Our Shaker and Ovolo In-frame doors are faithful classics. Strikingly intricate doors inset from their outer frame, they are quintessentially traditional and integrate flawlessly into older homes, cottages, barn conversions and the like.

The Slab In-frame on the other hand takes an unexpected yet charming modern twist on the typical in-frame, combining the old seamlessly with the new, with its simple door encased by the conventional outer frame.  


  A complete designer range with our partner Blossom Avenue, exclusive to Hygge Kitchens in the centre of Liverpool.


The collection includes a wide variety of classic and unique frontals, with a selection of timeless, current and statement elemental colourways to create a kitchen that perfectly suits your individual style.

Inrail Richmond Matt Pebble.jpg

Need help deciding which style is best for you?

It can be a little bit overwhelming when there is so much choice, but our dedicated designers are here to listen to your requirements and guide you to the kitchen that suits your specific wants and needs.

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