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We have a range of partners to meet all your individual appliance requirements.


Bosch is a reputable and recognised manufacturer of kitchen appliances, and the brand name evokes confidence in the quality of their products. Although they are highly regarded, they offer high-end yet economical products that make them available to all.

They are designed to make cooking easier, even for a total novice, with some of their ovens allowing you to pick the item you are cooking along with the weight, and automatically calculates the correct temperature and time to bake for perfect results every time.

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Neff is a popular, premium brand that is part of the BSH group. Similar to Bosch, it is a distinguished company; whose brand awareness became evermore prominent with the addition of their patented Slide&Hide ® ovens featuring on The Great British Bake Off in recent years.

They are designed for the foodies, the chefs, and all lovers of good food, those who enjoy being in the kitchen and take their time to make each dish just right.

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The Slide&Hide ® feature on Neff ovens is an ideal space saver for narrow kitchens to give the illusion of more space, and for ovens that sit beneath the worktop as it keeps walkways clear.

Depending on the model that you pick, these ovens come with a variety of features such as Pyrolytic cleaning, which burns the grease off the walls of your oven so that you can wipe the grime out with ease. Some even include Home Connect, a wi-fi function that allows you to communicate with your appliances via your phone or voice control to preheat your oven and be notified when your dinner is ready, for example. 

Neff offer a range of cooking and cleaning appliances, you can find out more from their website below.

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Whether you're a novice cook or budding Michelin star chef we have brands that cater to all.

Another member of the BSH family, Siemens aims to anticipate your needs as a consumer and provide revolutionary solutions to simplify your home life and allow you to keep up with your fast-paced lifestyle, with a concentration on intelligent technology to improve all-round user experience.

These Siemens appliances have typical German ingenuity and reliability, in addition to a sleek, well-presented appearance that would suit any environment.

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CDA appliances are designed to cater for your busy lifestyle with innovative features that make them convenient and user friendly, in addition to being generously priced.

One very popular appliance that they provide is wine coolers, which have become a staple feature in most modern kitchens, and newly released are the new touchless, gesture-control extractors if you love a bit of tech.

All CDA appliances come with a 5 year guarantee, so you can be assured that they are built to last.

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'Available in 60cm or 90cm this extractor hood works without you touching it. There is no need to struggle with doughy hands or keep wiping away grease marks. Just swipe up and down for lights or left and right to control the speed.'

CDA offer a range of cooking and cleaning appliances, you can find out more from their website below.

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Our designers are on-hand to help you decide which appliances will best suit your needs and budget.

Zanussi is an Italian brand with over 100 years experience in creating inventive household appliances that make your home life simpler, so you have more time to be around family and friends. An ideal that is synonymous with Hygge Kitchens' own values.

They offer massive 10kg washing machines to help you lighten the load and spend more time doing the things that you enjoy and pioneered the very first auto-defrost fridge.

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AEG is a German company which is currently owned under The Electrolux Group, a Swedish appliance manufacturer that similarly owns Zanussi.

They created the first generation of induction hobs which created a safer cooking environment and faster cooking times than the former ceramic hobs which take much longer to heat and cool.

Innovation and sustainability are the driving force of this brands inventions. One popular product that AEG offers is the venting hob, which eradicates the need for an extractor fan that hangs from the ceiling, over the top of islands and peninsulas for example.

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Available in 70cm or 80cm this hob has a built-in extractor in the centre of the appliance to vent steam and grease directly from your cooking, and cleans the air of any smells.


There is no need for an overhead extractor which gives more flexibility with your kitchen design as the hob can be placed wherever suits you.

AEG offer a range of cooking and cleaning appliances, you can find out more from their website below.

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If you are looking for something specific and can't see the brand mentioned here, get in touch as we may be able to source it for you.

Looking for something specific?

Our designers are experts in all things appliances and will help guide you to the products which suit your requirements and budget. If there is a specific brand or function that you are looking for, get in touch as we may be able to source something else just for you.

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